Elevate Your Cause.

CauseBot is an artificial-intelligence powered chatbot designed to help your organization help others more efficiently. 



CauseBot is tailored to your organization’s website, and its artificial intelligence algorithms are trained on your institutional mission and messaging.

Saves Time

CauseBot saves time for your clients and donors by answering commonly-asked questions quickly. This allows your staff to focus on more mission-critical areas.

Save Money ​

CauseBot empowers members of the public to find the information and the resources they need quickly, 24/7, 365 days a year. 

We Create Your Ideal Chatbot.

We Link Your Chatbot to Resources.

What our Customers Say

They love it!

“Pine Tree Legal Assistance is the largest provider of civil legal aid in the state of Maine – but we still receive many more requests for help than we have the funding and capacity to meet. Often, people would reach out to us any way they could, including on social media messenger platforms – and we never had the staff capacity to respond the way we would have liked. We needed a chatbot – but not just any off-the-shelf chatbot. A friendly, welcoming bot that could run on and help users find what they were looking for on our very information-dense site. A bot that could help people find our educational materials, but also point them in the direction of their local office. And, tell jokes, of course! Nearly a year after launch we are pleased to report that our chatbot, Moose, has been a great success!"

— Jack Haycock, Pine Tree Legal Assistance


CauseBot is an AI-powered chatbot designed to help your organization deliver information and resources.